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Find all of your diner staples here, done right, served fast and elevated with the Peckish Jr. twist. Guaranteed to delight! Take a closer look below. 

Available All Day

Please let us know if there is any dietary requirement
GF - Gluten free  DF - dairy free  V - Vegetarian



Beef Noodle Soup (GF) 19.0

8-hour simmered beef bone broth, flat rice noodles, sliced beef, beef balls and fresh herbs, served with homemade hoisin sauce

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (GF) 19.0

8-hour simmered beef bone broth, thick rice noodles, sliced beef, fresh herbs and Peckish sate

Wonton Noodle Soup 19.0

Chicken wontons in pork-bone broth, served with egg noodles and veggies

Green Curry 19.0

Chicken or Tofu, served with Toast or Rice


Grilled Lemongrass Chicken (GF, DF, *VO) 19.0

Grilled lemongrass chicken with mesclun, pickles, carrot, coriander, mint and crispy shallots in fresh lime dressing
- VO: Crispy tofu

Crispy Pork 19.0

Crispy pork, served with salsa verde, lettuce, carrot, apple, herbs and mesclun

Caesar 17.5

Crunchy cos lettuce, parmesan, bacon, croutons, and egg

| Add chicken (+3.0)

Seared Beef 19.0

Beef with lettuce, carrot, mesclun, herbs, vinaigrette dressing and crispy shallots


Bulgogi Beef 9.0

Bulgogi beef with melted cheese, kimchi, sesame seeds, slaw, and lettuce

Pulled Pork 9.0

Slow-cooked pork shoulder with salsa, slaw, and lettuce

Lemongrass Chicken (GFO) 9.0

Grilled lemongrass chicken with green apple & herb salad, slaw, and lettuce

Spicy Tofu (vegan on request) 9.0

Deep-fried silken tofu with spicy salt, Peckish sate, slaw and lettuce

Peckish Filled Toast (vegan on request) 16.5

Choice of any above filling, or:

*Bacon, egg & cheese    *Ham, egg & cheese    *Avocado, egg & cheese


Everything is $9.99

Pork Skewers

with Namjim dipping sauce

Karaage Chicken

with Pinacoco dipping sauce

Shaking Tofu

with Lemongrass chilli sauce


with Tamarind mayo sauce

Crispy Pork Bun

Tofu Bun

Fried Chicken Bun

Bulgogi Beef Bun

Pork Belly Fries

Cheese Balls

Chips (small/large)

Chicken Nibbles

with Hot sauce

Grilled Spicy Chorizo

Kumara Chips

Chicken Wontons

Mac & Cheese Bites

with Hot sauce

Mini Prawn Toast

with Tamarind mayo sauce

Seasonal Veggie

with Hummus

Peckish Jr. menu

Food Menu 3/3

You're here.

Coffee, iced drinks, smoothies, ...

Smashed avo, chilli labneh eggs, brick toast, ...

Food Menu 2/3 

Salads, toasties and small bites.

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